Friday, May 19, 2023

✞Locked my heart✞

/ HEAD / lel EvoX XIA 3.1
+ARANA+  Xia Shape - Head Lelutka EvoX Xia 
Pack contains
6 shapes for 5 different bodies
(Maitreya Lara,Ebody Reborn (slim and curvy),Belleza GenX,Legacy,Legacy Perky
stylecard with landmarks to look like on the vendor
forehead cross 
DeeTaleZ Skin *Heidi* for LELEVOX / BROWS: black/ Velour-BLUSH
(smokey eyes,counturing2
(addons pack- DeeTaleZ Lips (tint) *Heidi* for EvoX/LIGHTTONES)
I must say their skin always surprises me
so realistic with 
many addons, I didn't use them all, but you need to try it out
+ARANA+  Tenebris tattoo 100% BOM -EvoX @ The Black Fair
Pack contains 5 BOM layers in 4 opacity levels and one partly tintable
3D material shines for Maitreya, Legacy, Perky,eBODY Reborn, and Belleza GenX bodies )
+ARANA+  Undead eyebags 1 60%-BOM EvoXThe Darkness Event
+ARANA+  Undead eyeliner 3 BOM-EvoX
The makeup pack contains 10 various eyebags options , 4 different eyeliners styles and dark-styled BOM lipstick
+ARANA+Numb Lashes LelevoX
*LODE* Head Accessory - Bougainvillea

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

✞Win or Learn✞

+ARANA+  CyberTech Face tattoo BOM+ 3D Shines Materials-UNISEX @ Cyber Punk Fair
+ARANA+  CyberTech Body Tattoo  BOM+ 3D Shines  UNISEX@ Cyber Punk Fair
XC-88 Shotgun / Holster
[CX] Hellshine Top - Black ( Legacy Perky )
[CX] XenoCircuit - Sky (Un-Rigged)
Butanik83 -Cyber Ronin Kasa
[The Forge] Meave Panties, Legacy
AVEC TOI - Mio Digitalis (Legacy) R
MINA Hair - Kari
THIS IS WRONG The Fugazi Core dark - cybernetic

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

✞Blood, Tears, Dust✞

+ARANA+  Cruella Shape - LAKE  Lelutka Lel EvoX- MP
+ARANA+ Undead Makeup set  -BOM LelEvoX @ The Darkness Event
(Undead eyebags 3-BOM EvoX
Undead eyeliner 4 - BOM- EvoX
 Undead Lipstick-BOM EvoX
\-VALKYR-/ Azael Horns
DOUX - Octavia Hairstyle
Lelutka EvoX Lake head

(all other items are on the shape's stylecard)

Friday, April 21, 2023

✞Under The Water✞

+ARANA+ Morana Shape -/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1-Reborn 1
+ARANA+ De lust forehead cross evoX-GIFT
Nefekalum - Neptune (top tattoo BOM+3D materials)
eBODY -Reborn
{Aii & Ego}+ Riptide Mermaid Tail (Ebody Reborn) + 
[CerberusXing]  Achlys Posture Collar - ( Reborn )
[CerberusXing]  Lance Piercing 
[Yomi] Angel Fangs Piercing
:: ANTAYA :: Mermaid scaly bra - DARK ELF
DOUX - Isis Hairstyle
/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1

Friday, April 14, 2023

✞When did I become so cold?✞

+ARANA+ Morana Shape - AVALON Lelutka LelEvoX - MP
+ARANA+ Spring tattoo BOM-Red + Material Shines applier -MP
+ARANA+ Spring Eyelashes  LelEvoX -MP
+ARANA+ De lust forehead cross evoX- Group GIFT
+ARANA+ Raven  eyeliner
+ARANA+ Tribal Lipstick-Lelutka evoX (TeleportHUB gift)
DOUX - Isis Hairstyle
Lelutka EvoX Avalon head

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


+ARANA+ Emi Shape AVALON - CEYLON Lelutka EvoX  -MP 
THIS IS WRONG Bull shine+tattoo 3D - FATPACK
DeeTaleZ  *SKINS * lel EVOX - Noami  - Velour BLUSH (black eyebrows)
From this pack-Noami skin brows black
contouring 2
Lipst tint -light tones (tinted in redish)
Cheekbones 50% light skin
Gloss 100%
Monolid-velour blush

Stealthic - Escape
Lelutka EvoX ceylon

Friday, April 7, 2023


+ARANA+ Emi Shape AVALON - CEYLON Lelutka EvoX  -MP
THIS IS WRONG  Latex Tights BOM+ 3D Shine @ Kinky Event
Addams // Rio Fur Coat //
[CX] Hellshine Top - Black 
Stealthic - Escape
Lelutka evoX Ceylon Head
Legacy Perky Body

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✞Locked my heart✞

✞ / HEAD / lel EvoX XIA 3.1 ✞ +ARANA+    Xia Shape - Head Lelutka EvoX Xia  Pack contains 6 shapes for 5 different bodies (Maitreya Lara, Eb...